FW17 Constraint and Grace at Vancouver Fashion Week

"The ELSA LULA (FW17) eight piece collection is called CONSTRAINT & GRACE, true to the brand’s objective the collection is based on two opposing concepts."

The CONSTRAINT (ELSA) part is inspired by the divisive political climate of our world today and the suffocating way it seeps into our daily lives. Using mostly cool toned heavier fabrics with the likes of refined plaid, raw silk, and wool. The four outfits of Constraint feature structured items and a hint of masculinity.

The GRACE (LULA) part is inspired by inherent compassion that is felt by the majority of humanity, a universal creed that we adhere to, the one of peace and the deeper concept to “Love thy neighbor”, the idea of liberty for all. For this reason this part of the collection is clear, soft and more feminine, the fabrics used for Grace are silks, chiffons and satin. In this specific way the subtleties of peace and zen has been interpreted into the remaining four outfits.